Adult Social Club BBQ 2014 - 4

What is autism?

The National Autistic Society website has lots of useful information about autism including diagnosis, communication, health and adult life.

Autism Hampshire have produced an excellent FREE E-Learning Autism Training resource. This should take you less than an hour to complete and includes a printable certificate.


For adult diagnosis in Cambridgeshire you need to ask your GP for a referral to the Cambridge Lifespan Autism Spectrum Service (CLASS) clinic.

The waiting list for diagnosis is very long, so if you are uncertain about whether you want to seek a diagnosis, it may be worth asking for a referral to the list anyway until you have reached a decision.

NAS Cambridge Branch Social Club

We run a relaxed Social Club for adults aged 18+ which is held on Sunday evenings twice per month.

Other local support

Check out our Useful Links page for a list of other organisations offering information, support and activities.

Getting around

Free Bus Passes – you may be eligible to apply for a pass from Cambridgeshire County Council.

Driving – there is lots of useful information related to driving on the National Autistic Society website, including the blue badge scheme.  You only need to notify the DVLA of your autism diagnosis if being autistic affects your ability to drive safely.

Blue Badge Scheme – you may be eligible for a blue badge parking permit. If you are applying because you are receiving Personal Independence Payment (PIP) then read your PIP award letter carefully as the qualifying criteria for a blue badge are very specific. If you do not meet any of the automatic criteria you can still apply under the discretionary category.

Autism cards

If you would like a card to carry for use in difficult situations, that will let people know you have autism and give some basic information about the condition, you can order one of the following:

The National Autistic Society have an ‘I Am Autistic’ card you can order online at low cost or download to print at home free of charge.

Autism Anglia offer an Autism Alert Card which costs more and requires proof of diagnosis, but is recognised by all the Police forces in the East of England area.


You may be eligible for various benefits including Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment (PIP). There is more information about how to claim these on the Citizens Advice website. It is important to get advice from someone with benefits expertise before filling in the claim form for PIP.

Employment Support

Support to find or stay in work is available from the NAS Autism at Work Programme and Ambitious about Autism. If you also experience poor mental health you can access support from the Richmond Fellowship.

Cambridgeshire County Council services

If you need support or a social care assessment, you can contact Cambridgeshire County Council for referral to the Autism & Adult Support Service or the Learning Disability Partnership.

Peterborough City Council services

If your Local Authority is Peterborough City Council then you can find information about all their services including Easy Read information on their Peterborough Information Network page.