The NAS School Exclusions Service

The NAS School Exclusions Service, provides information and advice for parents of autistic pupils who are either at risk of exclusion or have been excluded from school or college. The aim of our work is to help parents and schools work together, to overcome the barriers to inclusion and ensure that pupils’ needs are met, thus reducing the number of autistic pupils excluded from schools.

The NAS School Exclusions Service (England) offers advice and information on all aspects of school exclusion in England. This includes advice on:
• informal (illegal) exclusions;
• fixed-period and permanent exclusions;
• how to challenge your child’s exclusion;
• what you can do if you are concerned that your child is at risk of exclusion;
• exclusion from school clubs and trips.

Make an enquiry or request a phone appointment by emailing
Phone 0808 800 4002. Leave a message on our answering service (free from landlines and most mobiles).

NAS School exclusions information