Student volunteer mentors for children 5-11

Student Community Action (SCA)
SCA is an independent charity, which recruits and places student volunteers from Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Cambridge, in any one of dozens of projects in Cambridge. SCA has more than 300 volunteers giving thousands of hours to improve the lives of people living in the local community.
We are open for Big Sib referrals, we have places (all female) for Little Sibs, so any referrals of female would hopefully be matched this term, male Little Sibs, may take a little longer. We also have space on 1-1 Homework Help.

Big Siblings Project
We provide a volunteer student visitor for children and the service is free. The student acts as an ‘adopted’ older brother/sister to the child, taking them out (usually once a week). Families must live within walking/cycling distance of Cambridge City Centre. This project is for children from one parent or carer families, children that have suffered bereavement, children with disabilities, learning difficulties or behavioural problems, or children with family members who have disabilities, learning difficulties or behavioural problems. Children should be aged between five and 11 years. Visits are usually about one to two hours, once a week.

Homework Help (SCA)
School aged young people
Homework Help provides a volunteer student visitor for children who are having some difficulty at school. The volunteer will act as a mentor for the child, helping them work through the difficulties they are having, and thereby increase both their confidence and ability. Visits will usually happen at the child’s house, and a parent/guardian/carer must be present in the house during the volunteers visit. The children visited should live within cycling distance of the centre of Cambridge.
Volunteers commit to about one hour a week of contact time.

For further information on Big Sibs and Homework Help contact Suzanne Buttress, Volunteers and Projects Officer
T: 01223 350365 (11am – 4pm Monday to Friday, term time only)