Tell us about your experiences of autism and processing time for the ‘Too Much Information’ campaign

In 2016 over 7,000 people completed our survey which we used to shape our Too Much Information campaign. The findings from that survey supported us to show how crucial it is for the public to understand more about autism, and to make a film about autism which was seen by over 56 million people.
Now you’ve told us what you want the public to know, we want to know more about autistic people’s experiences and what you would like the public to change about their behaviour. We particularly want to hear your experiences of needing extra time to process information and how the public’s understanding of this affects you.
You can find the survey at:
If you are a parent or carer to an autistic child or adult who is not able to complete the survey for themselves, we would like you to do so on their behalf.
Surveys make a difference. With what you told us in last year’s survey, we were also able to take these important messages about autism to BBC Breakfast, The Guardian and many other mainstream newspapers and websites and to start transforming public understanding of autism. Please help the second year of Too Much Information be just as impactful.
Please be sure to share this survey with autistic friends and family too.