Volunteers needed for women and autism Research

I am Zsófia Szlamka, MPhil Candidate of the University of Cambridge, and
am interested in the experience of women living with autism spectrum
disorder. Therefore I am conducting research on what autism means to
women, and their experience of living on the spectrum.
In order to do this, I am conducting interviews with women living with
autism and with staff involved in autism care.

The research is part of an M.Phil. degree being undertaken by Zsofia
Szlamka at the Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge. It has
received ethical approval from the Psychology Research Ethics Committee
of the University of Cambridge.
I will be conducting interviews with people who are interested in
talking to me about this. Each interview will last up to an hour. If
you would like to take part, then you must be over 18, and either be a
women living with autism or a member of staff working with people with
If you are interested in taking part in the study, or if you have any
comments, any thoughts, concerns or questions regarding the study,
please contact Zsofia at zs303@cam.ac.uk or at 07594590883 or her
supervisor, Dr Juliet Foster at jlf1000@cam.ac.uk.

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