NAS press team wants to hear your story

The National Autistic Society is launching its biggest ever public awareness campaign on World Autism Awareness Week (2-8 April) and we are looking for people who’d like to get involved by telling their story in our report or in the media.

The campaign is based on a survey of autistic individuals and their families which found that:

– Autistic people and their families often face judgemental attitudes when out in public
– This can make families feel socially isolated – in some cases, people feel unable to leave the house because they’re so worried about how others will respond
– But an understanding public can make a big difference

We’re hoping to speak to autistic people or parents/family members who can talk about how their experiences reflect the above. So that could be:

– People who have felt unable to leave the house, or have an example of important/special events they have missed, because they are worried about how others will respond
– Parents or autistic people who have been hurt by the reaction of members of the public to a meltdown
– People who feel socially isolated and can explain why and how it affects them
– Anyone who has been asked to leave a public place
We’d also like to speak to:
– People who have positive stories about how an understanding member of the public has helped them

I would be looking to have a 10-15 minute chat with people over the phone to find out more about your experience in relation to public understanding.

If you would like to be involved, please email