Support Group for Parents of Young People who self-harm

Following a successful first group, we will be running a support group starting on 17, 24 September and 1 October from 9.30am – 11.30am at Brownsfield Community Centre

To attend, all we would ask is that parents contact Kathy Murphy (01223 699136) (or if they are happy for professionals to pass their contact details to me, I can contact them direct) to express an interest so we then have an idea of how many people may be attending. If parents are local to Cambridge North City, there may even be a possibility to visit parents at home, if this would help encourage attendance.

Our Programme:
The aims of the parent group are to support parents in supporting their child/young person who self-harm, in a safe and confidential environment over three meetings.
Enable parents to understand some of reasons for self-harming
Discuss how services work and role of A and E, GP, CAMH, etc
Support parents to work in partnership with the professionals engaged to support their child: recognise triggers, monitoring of episodes, health and safety at home, linking with school, communication and supporting the young person through psychological distress, working towards building emotional resilience over time, parenting support for each other, emotional wellbeing for themselves and an understanding on the impact of psychological distress on the whole family, when and where to get further help.

Provide opportunities for parents to meet, support one another.
Signpost parents to sources of help and web links as advocated by CAMH and access to CAMH recommended materials.

Parents are invited to bring their own supporters to the group such as grandparents, partners and teaching assistants from school if appropriate, etc., in agreement with Kathy

Parents are only required to give contact details to attend the group and names if they wish.

Facilitators of the group will be Sara Ireland (Specialist Clinician Locality) and Kathy Murphy (Family Worker with a background in mental health)

Contact Kathy Murphy on 01223 699136