Parent Partnership Service is Changing its Name

From September 2014 Parent Partnership Services have to change their name to Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Services, SENDIASS for short. This is because under the new SEND legislation we not only had to advise parents and carers of children with SEND about Education, Health and Social Care but also young people with SEND, that is anyone aged 16 or over, and children with SEND as well.
I knew from early feedback parents and carers in Cambridgeshire may not be happy with the change in name and asked for their advice on how this should be done in Cambridgeshire. The responses while not in favour of the new name recognised the need to change it and to link in everyone’s minds our existing name i.e. the Parent Partnership Service, to our new name ‘Cambridgeshire’s Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support
Service (SENDIASS)’. Parents and carers also said that only once the two were linked in everyone’s minds should we then drop the Parent Partnership Service.

The way to do this selected by the majority of parents and cares who voted was ‘ Parent Partnership Service providing Cambridgeshire’s Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)’. As a result from the beginning on next term this will be our new name.

I have attached a leaflet produced nationally for people who use SENDIASS explaining who we are and what we do. It has been checked for legal accuracy as well as being produced in consultation with parents and carers. While it does explain who we are and what we do I would like parents and carers feedback about if you feel something less formal should also be produced as well. Under the old system I co-produced with parents and carers a leaflet that set out what our service did which while less formal spelt this out clearly. I have also attached a copy of this. Please could you let me know if you think this style of leaflet should be produced again and if you would like to take part in writing it. To do this I expect we would need to meet once, this would be in a place convenient to the majority of parents and carers attending, with the rest of the work being done by email. By doing it by email I hope this would make it easier for everyone to take part. However if future meetings were needed these would be arranged.

Original PPS Flyer PPS flyer

New SENDIASS Flyer PPS flyer 2


Please Contact Bob Wilson if you would like to discuss the change in name or anything about the service in general.


Bob Wilson (Parent Partnership Service Manager)  01223 699211