Adult Social Club BBQ 2014 - 4

There is a range of support for adults with autism in the Cambridge area.

  • The branch runs an Adult Social Club in Cambridge for people on the autistic spectrum aged 18+.
  • We run a monthly drop-in for adults in Huntingdon, providing support and advice.
  • The National Autistic Society and Cambridgeshire County Council fund two Autism Support Managers providing support to adults across the county.
  • We run an Autism Support Network in partnership with VoiceAbility.
  • Our resources pages have links to other organisations providing information, support, activities and diagnosis for adults.


Latest news for adults:

  • Mother and Baby Study at Cambridge University

    Are you a pregnant mum with an autism spectrum condition, or are you a pregnant mum who already has a child with autism?
    This study is observing the early development of the baby in pregnancies where the mother or an older sibling of the baby has a diagnosis of autism.
    If you decide to participate, you would be invited for an MRI scan in your last trimester of pregnancy, at the Rosie Maternity Hospital in Cambridge, so we can study your baby’s brain even before birth. After your baby is born we will look at your baby’s behaviour, including play, social behaviour, communication, and another MRI to look at their brain structure. We will also look at your baby’s growth.
    Separately, we’d like to find out about your experience of pregnancy and motherhood so that we can identify areas where support might be helpful for both autistic and not autistic mothers in the future.
    There will be five visits in total: during your pregnancy (an in person visit for an MRI), when your baby is 2-3 months old (an in person visit for infant MRI), a 6-month (in person) visit, at 18-months (postal or online questionnaires only), and finally at 24-months (in person visit).
    If you live in the UK or in Europe we can pay for you to visit Cambridge, and we will reimburse all travel expenses and hotel accommodation, and you will receive an additional £20/visit for each visit. We will also give you a picture of your baby from your scan.
    If you are interested in finding out more about this study or would like to take part, please contact Sarah Hampton or Ezra Aydin, by email ( or by telephone (01223 465230).
    More details of the ideas behind this study at:

    Poster: CHILD study poster

  • Tell the CQC about your experiences of health and care – new online feedback facility.

    The NAS is taking part in a national project with the CQC (Care Quality Commission) called ‘Tell us about your care’.
    This project aims to make it easier for autistic people and their families to share their experiences of health and adult social care services directly to the CQC.
    A webpage been set up so that anyone can tell CQC about the care they receive, good or bad, so this can help improve care across England.
    The ‘Tell us about your care’ webpage link is:

    You can give feedback when accessing any of the following services:

    • GP practices, including walk-in centres and out-of-hours services
    • Dentists
    • Hospitals
    • Ambulance services
    • Community mental health services
    • Clinics providing services such as family planning and slimming
    • Community care and support services, such as district nurses and health visitors
    • Care homes
    • Home care agencies

    NB this is not a way to make a formal complaint or for whistleblowing. There are other ways to contact the CQC to do this, detailed on the webpage.

  • Petition Government to publish Social Care Consultaion by early 2018

    The Care and Support Alliance (CSA) has launched a petition for the Government to publish their consultation on social care by early 2018.
    The NAS is a member of the CSA and our Chief Executive, Mark Lever, is a co-chair.
    A serious lack of funding means that over 1 million older and disabled people, including autistic people, are going without the care they need, including help to get out of bed, wash and eat. Our charity knows that, without this basic help, these people cannot live a decent life.
    The NAS and the CSA are calling on the Government to publish their consultation on social care by early 2018 so that the urgent reform needed to fix the adult social care crisis can happe
    Please sign the petition here:  

    We need 100,000 signatures, so please do share this petition with your coleagues, family and friends.